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Butt Kicking for Goodness

This is the original party, which is going through the "Adventure Path" series of modules.


(We Ain't Afraid of No Goats -- formerly Takin' Care of Business.) This is the second party, which is going through a collection of adventures from Dungeon and other places.


This is the party which is going through Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil in the Forgotten Realms setting.

Chaos Brothers

This is a party which involves Ben and George (or Ben and Steve) each playing two brothers. It takes place in the Forgotten Realms.

Who's Who

Here's a cast of characters.


Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Temple of Elemental Evil, Part Five [Stryker]

A lesson in secrecy and silence. When we arrived at the outlying temple, we suspected that guards would be posted. And we were correct. In my scouting of the doors, I was able to see bodies moving through the arrow-slits of the entrance hall. With this advance information, however, we were easily able to dispatch the human and gnoll guards…and well-deserved it was, since they were playing at dice and drinking instead of watching the doors. A final lesson learned for them…the hard way. But a valuable lesson for us as well. Information is power, and we must remember to learn before we leap, to seek before we strike. It will be difficult, when my blood boils and my whips hunger for flesh. I must remember: information is power. And death is the ultimate power of all.

Our advance planning paid off more than once. When I was able to spy more guards at warning-bell locations within the Temple, we devised ways to eliminate the sounding of the bells. First, Roondar amazed me with his ability to animate a simple rope – breathing life into it as if it were a serpent. He commanded the rope to pull the bell-chain to the ceiling, thus rendering the alarm useless. Equally useless were the efforts of the guards. We dispatched them in moments, even as they grasped to understand what had happened to their alarm.

In a second alarm room, I used a magic potion to enhance my climbing skills. I scurried to the ceiling, and pulled the alarm chain up with me. Once again, my companions rushed in on my heels, and the guards were driven down beneath us. I will remember this view of death from above. There may be benefits to climbing into a combat position from above.

After battling troglodytes – including a priest of some sort, and an especially gruesome one at that – we encountered the most enormous centipede I have ever seen. But it was not the size that struck me – it was the pincers, and the vile fluid that ran from them. Once we crushed the beast, I removed two glands from its jaws for further study. There are secrets buried deep within the fangs of this world, and I intend to know them.

I will not honor the next battle with more than a mention. Undead again. Disgusting zombies, which bring none of the customary pleasure to the slaughter. There is none of the transcendent rapture of delivering death…it is like butchering an ox.

But then, the greatest test of our young lives. I snuck into a large cavern, and discovered a large creature chained to the wall– a quadruped with claws, fangs, and a mane of quills like a porcupine. As I summoned my companions, we rushed the creature and it began to howl. Such a sound I have never heard, and I quickly realized why there were alarm bells located throughout the Temple. In quick succession, powerful humanoid opponents burst into the room: a massive Ogre, a half-elven Ranger and other Human-looking opponents hurling spells and weapons. We fought bravely, but it was clear from the start that we could be outmatched. We were set to be pummeled.

In desperation, and with great reluctance, I set aside my whips and pulled a wondrous bag from my belt. While my companions squared off against our other opponents, I hurled the Tanglefoot at the Ogre – fervently hoping to freeze it in its tracks. The bag struck the Ogre…burst open in a flash of ooze…and entangled the Ogre’s massive feet. As it struggled to step forward, the Tanglefoot ooze hardened and froze the Ogre in place. And suddenly, the ominous tide of the battle turned.

With one enemy neutralized, we were able to counter the worst that our opponents could throw at us. Spell for spell. Blade for blade. And blood for blood.

After this massive melee, the arrowhawk and fire worms that we confronted seemed almost like afterthoughts…or dreams. My mind was churning with anxious questions. What if the Tanglefoot Bag had failed? What if there had been another rogue among the ranks of the enemy – an enemy not so easy to see or confront? Even, perhaps, an enemy that attacked with stealth or surprise. Would we have been prepared?

We were fortunate this time. But we are not strong enough. We are not wise enough. We are not deadly enough.
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Temple of Elemental Evil, Part Four [Stryker]

From flesh to stone. From stone to flesh. And so one day shall I return to the earth.

I do not know how it was done, but they have brought me back from the twilight of stone. I am myself again…and asking myself what that means. The challenges of this new adventure – an ancient temple of evil, arcane symbols of the Eye – are like the buzzing of insects. I cannot focus solely upon them; my head reels with the struggles of this life on the surface. I have set myself a mission, but it is so hard to stay upon the path. The more I struggle, the more I deny the more elemental aspects of my nature…and the more I put my life and the lives of those around me at risk. I cannot afford this degree of compromise. There is a better balance.

Once again, we have been joined by a new adventurer. A sturdy dwarf, true to the ethos of his race, and a welcome addition. However, I envy his comfort within his own skin. Freely traveling about Hommlet, not needing to hide his face or his true nature. Even Roondar, a deep-dweller like my own foul brethren the Drow, is comfortable walking openly among the surface-dwellers. This may never be my lot, but as always, I will let my actions speak for me. But my patience with this half-life grows thin. I need the cleansing fires of battle to cool my blood, and the clash of metal to drown out the howling in my ears. I thank the dark and the light that we are soon returning to the Temple.

[A large gap in the page. The next section is scrawled hastily in

Blood and steel. Death confronted and death dealt in abundance. The purity of action and the passage from this world into shadow. Our strength grows as a party. We work well, we work quickly. No mercy…My companions grow in bravery and effectiveness. Even Melissa’s powers grow, with new magic seemingly springing from her fingers every day. And yet she remains in the rear, while I face the danger headlong. I saw the look that she gave me when I consigned the foul Hobgoblin offspring to the flames. It was almost hatred – anger, to be sure, tinged with mistrust. I will have to watch her, lest her principles cost us our lives. She may think it her manner, but she is living a lie. Preservation of life for its own sake…excessive care…timidity. It is a myth, a charade. Watch the animals in their daily march of survival – the tiger, the creatures of the deep, the great wyrms. Life lives by killing. Be the sword, not the shield. Be the blade, not the hilt. Be the blood.

[another gap in the page]

Finally, the example that I was looking for. When we fight, we fight well. No compromises, no quarter. Through our combined efforts, we have dispatched a huge bugbear, 2 mighty fighters named Fistern and Baugh, and a female human named Undra. Tyro and Roondar held their own, and stood their ground. And perhaps even better, Melissa stood toe-to-toe with another spell caster, and smote her without mercy. She and her strange bird then finished off the remaining foes, not showing a moment’s hesitation. This is how we can be, this party. Slicing like a whip dagger through every obstacle.
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Wednesday, March 13, 2002

The Cradle of Madness, Part One [Kalm]

This adventure is The Cradle of Madness from Dungeon #87.

I am back in Greyhawk. I don't like cities much. Too many people stare at me and are frightened by my appearance, judging me by my race and not my actions. Greyhawk is a little different, though. I guess being such an enormous city, they are a bit more used to seeing ugly mugs like my own. And a bit more used to the unusual. And I guess with the notoriety that my friends and I have gained, I am a bit more accepted. And I guess our notoriety is why we were approached by this strange man the other night. He easily spotted us in the crowd. I mean, come on, how often do an orc, a monk and a priest walk around together except for in bad jokes? To make a long story short, his employer, a well-to-do merchant from the city asked us to see him for a mission that could earn us some gold. Well, between gold and showing that I am capable of good deeds, I readily accepted. Upon meeting this merchant, I took a dislike to him at once. He was fat and slovenly; you could tell he hadn't gotten his manicured fingers dirty in years, paying others to do his work instead. His story intrigued me, however, and I knew that I would have to accept his offer.

Being a wealthy, well-known figure in Greyhawk, Owen Danwick had gained some enemies. One of his many enemies had kidnaped has daughter and was asking for a very large ransom. Owen was not the most honest merchant and could not raise the money for the ransom without raising some suspicions in the city and having his books audited by city officials. Instead, he was asking for our assistance. He told us of how the ransom was to be dropped off on an old abandoned wagon just outside of the city and asked us to follow whoever came to pick up the money and follow them back to their hideout. Once there, we were to rescue his daughter and return for our reward. Criminals that prey on the innocent make my blood boil. While Owen is certainly not innocent, his daughter should not be forced to suffer. The more I thought about this, the more I knew I would attempt to rescue her, with or without my companions help and with or without any offer of reward. Those decisions were made easier when my companions also accepted the mission and a reward was offered to us.

That evening found us hiding in the woods surrounding the abandoned wagon while Owen, dropped a bag of mostly worthless gems on the seat of the wagon. I thought this part was going smoothly when, suddenly, two men jumped out of the woods and began attacking Owen. Although this was not part of our plan, I could not just let them kill our sponsor. I jumped into the fight ended as quickly as it started. I left the two men unconscious and bleeding and helped Dim bind their wounds so we could revive them and question them. We tied them up, relieved them of their possessions and cured the spellcaster for questioning. Using some scare tactics and agreeing to release him after he provided us with information, we learned the location of where the girl was held captive. Upon reviving the fighter, he ended his own life by a poison capsule hidden in his mouth, rather than provide us with more information. Against my better judgment, we let the spellcaster go. I will never trust those arcane practitioners.

We followed Owen to an old keep a short ride away and he bade us good luck and headed back to Greyhawk. We had a little trouble crossing the moat to the keep, with a bewitched bridge causing most of the party to flee, but, using my animated rope, we reached the far shore of the moat. We tried to sneak into the keep through a hole in the outer wall, but, obviously we had already been spotted. As I exited the far side of the hole into a courtyard dominated by one large building, I was immediately ambushed by crossbow fire and was horribly wounded in the shoulder by one bolt. Oderus, being much faster than I, ran across the courtyard and engaged the attackers. We quickly felled the first wave, but a spellcaster immobilized Dim and a man hidden in shadows continued to pound us with crossbow fire from the second floor. Oderus ran upstairs and engaged the thief while I charged the spellcaster. I noticed as I closed on the spellcaster, that he was an orc like myself. I wanted him dead on the spot. I am not fond of my orc heritage and hate most of my people, but, to see one using magic against my friends was too much. I lifted my chain to snuff out his life…but could not strike. Some force was holding me back. I couldn't control myself any longer and my anger flooded forward. I enraged.

Unable to attack, I watched his motions through the red haze of my vision. He had cleared a hole in some rubble, revealing a hidden stairway, and began descending. I followed as close as I could and watched as, 20 feet down the stair, my foe deliberately jumped over one step. Though my intellect was impaired by my rage, I managed to leave a silver piece on the step before the trapped one as a sign of danger for my companions. I continued down the stairs, but wasn't so lucky with the next trap.

As I rounded the next bend in the staircase, a sudden blizzard appeared out of nowhere, pelting me with sharp ice daggers and sending me skidding down the stairs. As I was picking myself up from the floor, Oderus came charging by. I could not see what was happening at the bottom of the stairs, but Oderus suddenly came flying back up the stairs with no hesitation from plunging head-first through the blizzard trap. I made it the rest of the way down the stairs just as the spellcasting orc was about to open a set of double doors at the bottom. I tried my chain again and this time there was no stopping my swing. My first swing dropped him, the second swing made sure he would never move again.

As the red haze cleared from my vision, I realized Dim was standing next to me. The two of us pushed the doors open. The room was hexagonally shaped with hooded statues in each corner. The far side of the room contained an archway with magical energies coursing through it. Before I could stop him, Dim threw the orcs black robes on and ran through the arch. I was shocked. I had never seen someone with such disdain and lack of fear of magic energies. I picked up the body of the dead orc and carried him over to the arch, I heaved the body into the archway. The body sizzled leaving only a pile of ash on the floor. I knew that I could not enter the arch without much coaxing.

At this time, two things happened pretty quickly. First Oderus entered the room through the doors and related how, when he first approached the doors, he felt an unreasonable terror and was forced to flee back up the stairs. He said he came to his senses in the woods surrounding the keep, nearly a half mile away. He made his way back as quick as he could and found me standing in the chamber. Just as he finished relating this story, a bloody Dim came crawling back through the arch. He managed to croak out the words, "Do not go in there," before he winked, laughed and jumped to his feet. Seems like I was the butt of his unusual sense of humor this time. He had smeared his blood from the previous battle on his face and crawled through the arch. He is a strange one, but I am glad to call him a friend.

After some deliberation, we decided that it was the robes that allowed Dim to pass through the arch unharmed. Unfortunately, we only had one of the robes. A careful search of the room, however, revealed a door on either side of the arch containing multiple robes. Jackpot. We could move on in our search for the missing girl. We donned the robes and stepped through the arch…

…into an almost identical room as the one we had just left. The only difference being the statues now had their arms outstretched as if ready to strangle someone. I guess Dim missed the warning of the posture of these statues when he wandered to close to one. The arms became tentacles which swiped at him and tried to grasp him. He fought free of them and we made sure to leave through the center of the room, out of the range of the statues.

Down a short flight of stairs, a long hallway opened in front of us. We could hear the sounds of revelry from the end of the hallway. We ignored several doors on either side of the hallway and followed the noise. The hallway ended in a blank wall with a door on the East and the West. A quick search for a concealed door at the end of the hallway revealed nothing. We opened and went through the East door.

We went down another short stairway that turned south after a small landing. In front of us was a set of double doors with a robed woman standing in front of them with her back to us. She turned to look at us and immediately reached for the doors. I heard a quick prayer from Dim who immediately shouted, "Stop her." That was all I needed. I swung my chain and she dropped.

Following our standard operating procedures, we tied her up and Dim healed her so we could question her. When she came to, she screamed. I reacted without thought and punched her back to sleep. Um, well, more than sleep I guess when I realized I was wearing my bladed gauntlets. We had no time to rectify that mistake, however, as the double doors opened and guards poured out in response to the scream.

Up until this moment, I didn't realize my strength or fighting prowess. In the past, I have fought many powerful beasts and monsters and, with the help of my comrades, I have been able to triumph. As these guards poured out the door, I flexed my muscles and whipped my chain out in front of me. A quick sweep of my chain and four mangled bodies lay on the floor. Other guards were only saved by being out of the reach of my chain. But they were only saved momentarily as Dim and Oderus stepped forward and mopped them up. Our skills as a group were no match for our foes that day. But, ahead through the doorway we could see a throng of people. Who knows what awaits us ahead, but we stand ready to face and triumph over evil.

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Saturday, March 09, 2002

A Giant Ransom, Part Two/Black Water/A Frigid Demise/Headless, Part One

The following entry provides a quick summary for the most recent recorded activity of W.A.A.N.G.

The party soon found itself face to face with the mature adult white dragon Whildenstrank, who had the statue they sought. Negotiations for its return provide futile, as Whildenstrank's demands were quite unreasonable. The party then took Larosh's prized statue back by force, and helped themselves to the rest of the dragon's quite considerable hoard. Upon returning the statue, they were rewarded with the promised gold, and a title for Blackjack.

The next adventure, Black Water, found them caught in a fight between two neighboring villages. Each blamed the other for recent cattle mutilations, but the party convinced them to put the hostilities on hold until they were able to investigate. Their investigation led them to the abode of Krain the Slayer, a half-ogre/half-fiend, who with his giant crocodile Dread, gave them a ferocious battle. W.A.A.N.G. prevailed, though, and peace was restored to the villages.

But things did not stay peaceful for W.A.A.N.G., who found themselves embroiled in "A Frigid Demise". The characters found themselves plunged into freezing water to attempt to encounter a dragon. The dragon, however, kept using dimension door to escape the adventurers, so many battles were fought with the dragon's lackeys first. A battle with water elementals saw the introduction by Zook of Evard's Black Tentacles, which grasped the elementals and allowed them to be attacked from afar. During this battle, unfortunately, Biggen perished. He was soon brought back to life -- this time as a powerful centaur. The party fought on, defeating a stone golem, and eventually Charasta, an old white dragon.

After returning from that adventure, Blackjack found himself troubled by visions of severed heads impaled on a stone and metal structure, and souls sucked into the evil lattice. They were able to trace the visions to the March of Sterich, where investigation led them to the Crystalmist Mountains. Upon entering a hold they found there, they battled horribly foul creatures. The battle turned against them, and they were forced to flee. Biggen lay dead. Again. (This adventure was "Headless" from Dungeon #89.)

This time, however, when they brought him back to life, he came back as a hawk and flew away. W.A.A.N.G. found itself disoriented. Artimus had left the party, Rannos was nowhere to be found, and Biggen's adventuring career had come to an end. Was this the final chapter in W.A.A.N.G.'s long and glorious saga?
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Thursday, March 07, 2002

Temple of Elemental Evil, Part Four [Melissa]

[Several pages are missing from Melissa’s journal at this point]

and after biting into the apple, my body surged with new energy and felt this additional hardiness could be a lifesaver in my future.

When I returned to the rest of the party, we decided to pack it in for the day. It had been a long day of combat and many questions were left unresolved. We decided to pack up our gear and the few new items that had been acquired and head back to Hommlet for some R&R and maybe to find some clues in our quest.

We spent a day licking our wounds and unloading some of our new possessions at the local market. We also were able to find some much needed clues to the weird happenings around town.

I traveled with Roondar to a local temple to inquire about the weird eye holy symbol that we had found. The local holy man immediately recognized this as the symbol of the Elder Elemental Eye. He also told us that one of the original members of a force of good who helped defeat the original Temple of Elemental Evil still lived nearby. We spoke to Elmo and learned more about the original Temple He also told us that a force of hobgoblins had taken over the Temple and made it their lair. He also informed us of a Dwarf fighter/priest who was in Homlett and was about to set out to engage the hobgoblins. Eager for more action and hot on a new lead, Roondar and I went in search of the rest of our group and to meet this dwarf.

We found our party, as usual, doing just that, having a party. They were at the Inn having a few ales. And it seemed that they had already met this dwarf, Tyro by name, over a few pints and he quickly accepted accompanying us to the Temple.We decided to leave the following morning for the town of Nulb, a ghost town very near to the Temple.

The following day found us at Nulb in the late afternoon. The town was completely deserted and unremarkable. We quickly moved on to the Temple. Approaching the courtyard for the temple filled me with vast dread. This was surely a place created solely for evil. My Aasimar blood was shrieking at me to cleanse this place and punish those who would reside here. Action was what I wanted and action is what I received.

Stryker moved in quietly into the courtyard. If I didn’t know exactly where to look for him and seen him drift into shadows many times in the past, I would never have known he was there, even with my enhanced eyesight He immediately surprised a small group of hobgoblins and we all rushed in to his aid. A second group of hobgoblins jumped out of hiding as the rest of us entered and launched a barrage of spears at Roondar. He easily dodged out of the way and readied his own weapons to return fire. We learned pretty quickly that our skills greatly outmatched our opponents. As the last hobgoblin fell, a second force suddenly appeared from the front entryway of the Temple. In a fit of rage, I willed my magical powers to pummel these creatures into submission and a new force suddenly erupted from me. A whirlwind of snow and ice chunks suddenly appeared in their midst, killing two of the creatures and leaving the third battered and bleeding. Stryker added to its wounds and it fell, dying, to the ground.

We approached the front doors of the Temple carefully, knowing that an alarm had been sounded. We entered the doors into a small vestibule which opened into a larger open area full of pillars. The floors and pillars were all of different colored marble with multi-hued veins running throughout. The shape of the Temple was somewhat like a cross, with left and right wings and a large central area, where we were now standing. We explored the length of the longer end of the cross, but visibility was low due to all the pillars. The far end of the room had a staircase leading down, but we left this until after we finished exploring this level.

We decided to head to the left wing of the Temple with Stryker sneaking ahead in the darkness. He returned to us quickly stating that there was a large force of about 10 hobgoblins guarding some of their young ahead of us beyond the pillars. Stryker once again used the shadows to get in position and killed the first hobgoblin as we entered the room. With some well placed spells and much melee combat, we dropped our foes once again. I began putting the young hobgoblins out of their, and our, misery when I noticed Stryker out of the corner of my eye. He had two of the young hobgoblins in his arms and was heading back to the main room of the Temple. He threw the two into a pit full of the creatures' offal and threw some oil in the pit with them. A lit torch ended the hobgoblins' lives. I may have to keep my eye on him. He sometimes shows his heritage and acts as savage and brutal as the creatures we battle. And maybe it is just the evilness of this vile place pulling out some of the more base emotions from Stryker. Whatever the case may be, I can’t abide by those types of actions and may have to act to stop him in the future.

In the back of this latest chamber was a door. We pulled this open to reveal five heavily armed hobgoblins standing in front of a female hobgoblin. Fearing that the female was some sort of spell caster, I unleashed some magic missiles that dropped her. The rest of the hobgoblins were dispatched, but not without some injury to the party. We healed our wounds and moved on the East wing of the Temple.

The East wing was a mirror image of the West. One room that opened up just past the pillars with one door leading out. The first room contained food stuffs and miscellaneous items used by the hobgoblins. A quick search turned up nothing interesting. So we opened the door. This appeared to be some sort of prison. Inside were some goblin prisoners who, apparently, liked us less then their previous captors. They rushed us with their bare hands and we were forced to kill them. Also in this prison was a human man who had been captured by the hobgoblins. We questioned him and then released him from the prison and allowed him to return to Hommlet. It was time to head downstairs.

We headed down the stairs and toward a large pile of rubble when, with a loud roar, an enormous ape jumped out at us. He may have gotten the jump on us, but a well coordinated attack left the ape dead and us uninjured. We continued through the hole in the pile of rubble. At the end of the rubble, the room opened up into a large throne room/alter room of some sort. There was a large brazier filled with bones and charcoal that was obviously some sort of sacrificial device. There was an altar with the following inscription carved into the wall:
"The power of elemental death
Brings mortals low
But raises the Nameless One High."
And there was a dais with a few angry looking humanoids. Sitting on the altar was the biggest hobgoblin I have ever seen. On either of side of him were two large, well armed hobgoblins. And, in front, were three additional goblins. With most of us keying in on the hobgoblin leader, and some more snowballs killing some of the smaller goblins, we made quick work of our adversaries. An adjoining room was the leader's lair. Between searching the dead bodies and the lair, we ended up with some decent prizes for our efforts.

This concluded all the areas of the Temple. We retrieved some of the booty that we had left on the first level and began to load our possession on our horses outside. From out of nowhere, we were suddenly ambushed by three humans and a bugbear. With no time for questions, we fought for our lives.

The two male humans were clad in full plate armor and brandishing nasty looking bastard swords. The bugbear was…well…a bugbear. Immensely strong and swinging his own weapon. Stryker, Tyro, and Roondar immediately jumped forward and engaged the three males while I was left facing the female, staring at each other through the melee. My first move was to deal all the combatants some damage as snowballs pounded three of our four enemies. My foe answered my attack by pulling out a scroll. The next thing I knew, a large wolf was growling next to me. I avoided its initial attack, but the wolf distracted me enough that I failed to create the magic missiles I was planning on hurling at the woman. Good old Poe, though, saw my peril and squawked “Jalkart”, sending two magic missiles from his wand into the woman. He saved me from an additional attack as the woman quickly drank a potion to heal this latest wound. By this time, I had recovered from my shock at being attacked by a wolf and launched my own set of missiles into the woman. The wolf couldn’t save her this time, and she crumpled to the ground.

With my combatant down on the ground, I surveyed the melee. Things did not look good. Stryker and Roondar each had one large gaping wound and looked in serious peril. Tyro was battling on, but had various cuts and nicks himself. Poe and I began to gang up on individual enemies, launching 5 magic missiles at a time into them. Each volley dropped one foe, as they had already been injured during the melee combat.

The tide of the battle turned in our favor and, winded and wounded, we won the battle. We searched the bodies, took their possessions as spoils of battle and headed back to Hommlet. Among their possessions was a map of the Temple, a nearby tower, and a new area that could just be a second Temple of Elemental Evil. I am anxious for us to heal our wounds, re-supply, and go off on the adventuring trail once again.

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Wednesday, March 06, 2002


As we return to Butt Kicking for Goodness, we find them embroiled in "Sloth", a "Side Trek" adventure from Dungeon #89.

While finding their way to Greyhawk, Dim, Oderus and Kalm were stopped by a man who was concerned by a commotion that seemed to have taken place at his neighbor's house.

When the party went to investigate, they found quite a mess. In fact, it had been a mess that had caused the whole commotion. A lazy wizard had attempted to conjure an air elemental to do some housecleaning for her. Unfortunately, she botched the incantations and ended up with an out of control belker, which soon spread her entrails about the cottage and punched a hole in the roof.

The party used that hole in the roof to enter and soon found themselves engaged in furious combat with the belker. The belker was soon dispatched by their teamwork, and they found themselves on the road again, their pockets bulging with the wizard's treasure.
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Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil, Part Three

In the interest of giving the whole adventure a kick in the pants, here's how I'll summarize what happened in Part 3 (which may or may not be entirely accurate):

The heroes visited a strange old wizard Elminster to get Stryker turned back from stone to flesh. After doing that, they headed back to the moathouse, where their explorations led them to a strange obelisk that gave some of them strange powers. Unable to crack the mystery, but secure in the knowledge that they had freed the potion-maker whose plight started this exploration, they headed back to the Town of Hommlet. Perhaps there they could find an explanation for the mysterious eye symbol they found adorning various denizens of the moathouse.
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