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Butt Kicking for Goodness

This is the original party, which is going through the "Adventure Path" series of modules.


(We Ain't Afraid of No Goats -- formerly Takin' Care of Business.) This is the second party, which is going through a collection of adventures from Dungeon and other places.


This is the party which is going through Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil in the Forgotten Realms setting.

Chaos Brothers

This is a party which involves Ben and George (or Ben and Steve) each playing two brothers. It takes place in the Forgotten Realms.

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Here's a cast of characters.


Monday, March 10, 2003

Glacier Season, Part Four

Zook, Blackjack and Taigiel exit the hydra's cave in search of the true entrance to the dragon's compound. They ran across Kord, a fellow adventurer, who joined them. Blackjack prayed to his god for the path to Acessiwal's lair. His prayers lead the party to try to swim the frozen river into the compound. They disturb a purple worm, which grabs Blackjack in its mouth, but is dispatched before it can swallow him.

They poke around for a while before finding themselves trapped by a force cage. Blackjack dimension doors out, but finds himself in a room with an ice paraelemental and twenty ice mephits. Zook teleports out, and after the battle is over, they free Taigiel and Kord. While exploring an ettin's room, the ettin himself returns with reinforcements.

The ettin, Taigiel's brother (Samakel), Samakel's two henchmen and two ice creatures rush the party, but are slowed by Kord's web. Samakel brings his brother close to death before succumbing to the party. Eventually, the dragon's henchmen all fall to spells and bladework.
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